Hot Enough to Fry an Egg on the sidewalk


Quimperland is experiencing a heat wave with temperatures more than 10 degrees C over the average, and records falling all over the place…it is expected to continue for several days…today was so hot, Jane needed two fans to cool herself down…



Too many Eggs

…and meanwhile Gracia was trying to figure out how to have less eggs, so they were on sale!



This one!

Jane chose the big blueish quail egg (a gift from the Comox Valley Hittys)…




Gracia wished she would buy a few more, but Jane wanted to try a new recipe and only wanted one egg.




Jane cracked the egg into the frying pan…




…and fried it on the sidewalk!!



22 thoughts on “Hot Enough to Fry an Egg on the sidewalk

  1. We are also having record breaking heat on this side of the mountains, with no respite in sight for weeks…. oh my goodness! Fans are definitely our friends! Enjoy your unique way of cooking eggs, and whatever shade and respite you can find!

    • We consider ourselves lucky that we live so close to the ocean, where it is five degrees warmer in winter, and five degrees cooler in summer than even a few blocks away. However this week we are feeling that 35 degrees is still too hot (but are so glad it isn’t 40). We don’t actually have a fan, but every door and window in the house is open to catch whatever tiny breeze there is!

      • We are very lucky that the windows in our house open to create lovely cross breezes- unlike several of our relatives, who don’t have cross ventilation. The weather is brutal here now… hotter than some parts of Africa!

    • The Hittys are so grateful and glad I found not one, but two electric fans for them! Especially Jane – can you imagine cooking on a wood stove in this heat? Liberal helpings of ice cream also seems to be doing the trick, at least there aren’t too many complaints!!

    • Yes, really hot, I know it is cooler than many places, and in fact ten degrees C cooler than when I worked in Egypt, but it is all what you are used to I guess. The “heat dome” is set to stay here for about a week, ooof.

  2. Oh, I know that heat. Thankfully we’re currently at the opposite end of the calendar just now. I haven’t met Gracia before… Love her shop, and particularly the Tenerife sign in the background. Is she Spanish in origin? Oh, and by the way, would you thank Constance for her lovely letter, and let her know that I’ll be writing back soon?

    • I could wish for a little chill and damp right about now…Gracia was carved by a talented Argentinian carver Gustavo Trullet, and I named her after the town I was born in – Alta Gracia.
      She loves her little shop, which was made for me by a very talented Dollhouse Lady. It was originally a carnicería though the repertoire has expanded over the years.
      Constance, Tansy and Aurelia went to Tenerife with me in 2018 – we love the little ceramic tile and gave it to Gracia – she likes it especially because it is easy to clean, which is needful in a butcher’s shop.
      Constance is glad you received her letter, and would be thrilled to get one back!

      • Ah… I wondered if she was named after Passeig de Gràcia, the beautiful and expensive shopping street in Barcelona, a place of which I have very fond memories! Her origins are much more interesting 🙂

  3. I’ve been weaving but had to tie a scarf around my head to keep the sweat and hair out of my eyes. Have finally given up for the day. It reminded me of weaving in Japan in July – where the humidity is twice what we have. Hope Jane enjoys her quail’s egg.

    • We are very grateful that we aren’t having to contend with that kind of humidity as well…it is all what you are used to I suppose, but I am finding it very enervating. Jane thought the quail’s egg was delicious, and hopes there will be more of them (which I suspect there will be since a friend of the Comox Valley Hittys recently acquired some quail).

  4. oh what a hoot! Jane you clever little dear! Hot and humid here in Missouri…we are grateful for Air Conditioning. Good luck keeping cool.

    • Thanks very much – so far so good, though it is supposed to get hotter as the week goes on…we are finding dampness (as in watering the garden, and hosing down the areas in front of the open doors) helps to alleviate the discomfort. Very thankful not to have high humidity to contend with as well. Jane has always hankered to see if the old adage was true, and lo and behold – it is (at least in the Quimperland universe!)

  5. LOL! I remember doing that many a time. Mom thought I was nuts… I saw it as saving electric. It even worked for Bacon that year (NO, i DO NOT SUGGEST DOING IT FOR CONSUMPTION!). We were having a heat wave with average temps in the triple digits Fahrenheit. Oh, and we used aluminum pan out of my mess kit. It got hotter than the cast iron. It was such a fun experiment.

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