Today was even hotter than yesterday…but Mormor had a good idea…




…she remembered a very delicious and refreshing drink that she enjoyed in Egypt, and set about reproducing the recipe.

You start with about 50 g dried Hibiscus flowers…




…add around 2 1/2 litres of water…




…and simmer on the stove for about 20 minutes.




Add around 200 g of sugar, or more to taste, stir until dissolved and return to simmer another 45 minutes or so.




Allow to cool, strain the liquid into a good bottle, and chill.




Find a comfy chair in the shade and enjoy the karkadeh as-is, or dilute it with fizzy water, or ginger beer! Cheers!




Jane is reading a story about people living in a place that is usually (but not today) hotter than here!!

Imperial measurements for Karkadeh: about two cups of dried hibiscus flowers; about ten cups of water; about one cup of sugar.



10 thoughts on “Karkadeh

  1. How funny! At the precise moment of reading this, I was drinking a cup of hot hibiscus and pomegranate tea! It’s a wonderfully refreshing brew, hot or cold. I’m wondering if a particular species of hibiscus is needed; if not, I shall go outside tomorrow and pick the bright red flowers hanging on the bush by the door, and dry them.

    • I don’t know what the “proper” kind of Hibiscus flowers is, if there is one…I buy them variously in the Syrian Grocery as Hibiscus Herb Tisane or in the Spanish one, where they are called “Flor de Jamaica”. Fancy being able to pick them out your own door!

      • Hang in an arch over the porch… I’m wondering if it’s the same. We have something here called a Rosella which is in the hibiscus family and is well known for use in jam and syrup. It might be that, which is a slightly different thing from the garden variety. But I believe all the flowers are edible even if some are more tasty than others.

    • Thank goodness for the internet, where we found a recipe that was pretty close to what we remembered…we are particularly fond of mixing it with ginger beer, which I am sure is not traditional, but is very yummy!

  2. how refreshing!! What an interesting drink. Mormor is a genius and how lovely that Jane is there to assist and enjoy!

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