Flower Girls

Blue Campanula

Aurelia has a suggestion for keeping cool…first you pick a Campanula…



White Campanula

…Vanilla prefers the white ones…




…they make great hats!




Then you visit the Foxglove plant…



Flower Girls

…stroll over to the Blue Star Creeper carpet…




…and dance until your glove falls off…




…or until you fall over.

It is ridiculously hot here. Young human and family escaped their apartment for most of the day, and we played in the shade!



14 thoughts on “Flower Girls

    • It was lovely and cool in the grass under the shady Ceanothus tree…well actually it was not cool, but it was slightly less hot! It was a refuge, and so nice to be able to share the garden with the apartment-dwellers!

  1. Memories are being made. It is so wonderful to have the dear wooden dolls as part of those (hot) memorable times with alternatives in mind. Thanks young human.

  2. Most of us who live in area’s with temps like you are experiencing have a/c and fans. Today the humidity is high and the temp now is 94…with feels like triple digits…but the big but is that we all have A/C and fans and are very comfortable indoors. Please be careful in the heat you have now. If climate change continues like this…perhaps later on you can get a window air conditioner and have at least one room that you all can go in. Sending prayers your way.

    • We are definitely not ready for this type of heat, it is being called a once-in-a-thousand-year weather event…we certainly hope it won’t be repeated any time soon. Here it reached nearly 41 (105) even without humidex…I think I don’t want to know what that was, especially since tomorrow is supposed to be hotter! I am glad you have a system to keep yourself cool, and we may have to consider alternatives if this becomes a regular thing.

  3. The heat is pretty overwhelming everywhere this year… a bit scary. Sorry that Quimperland is experiencing it. The girls are pretty delightful among the blossoms.

  4. I imagine your homes are far more geared up for dealing with the cold. I hope the temperatures moderate soon; it’s hard to deal with excessive (for your area) heat when you’re not geared up for it. At least the Hittys have the right idea with their shady bonnets!

    • With every door and window open, and the sunny ones shaded, we are catching what breeze there is…pretty bonnets and not too much moving around works for me, though young human would like a little more action. It is just an unheard-of heat-wave for this area. We also had less rain in the spring, so the forests are dry. Fortunately there is zero chance of lightening or it might be really ugly.

      • Your reply made me laugh, because *winter* is the only time I can have all the doors and windows open! In summer the heat and humidity are so strong that it’s always a matter of keeping things closed to a) keep out the heat and b) keep in the cool. I have an entire wall of hats hanging on hooks in the garage, so I can choose one that goes with my outfit/the weather when I take Mouse out for his early morning constitutional…

      • We have no cool to keep in alas, during this heatwave. Not much of an offshore breeze either, much to our disappointment. It was sweltering! If we opened doors and windows in winter we would be very chilly and damp!

      • Air conditioning is a blessing, and quite essential in this climate. But my house in Melbourne didn’t have it, and one Christmas the temperature climbed into the early 40s°C. You hang damp sheets in the windows, blow fans over bowls of ice, and put dampened sheets over yourself in bed. Works in the dry Melbourne climate, would be useless here, where the humidity doesn’t allow much evaporation.

      • It got to 42 yesterday, and all the fans in the city are sold out! We also put water on the ground outside the windows on the shady side of the house…temperature thankfully dropped to 17 overnight but is on the way up again.

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