Little Blue


Mudlark was rescued from a muddy riverside in England. While eternally grateful for that, and for the new wooden body I carved her, she admitted that she was a little unhappy with the dress I found for her to wear. She thought the crochet was a little see-through, the dress too short, and the colour-scheme rather mud-coloured…




…so I knitted her a new dress…



Blue Eyes

…and she loves it because it brings out the remaining blue of her eyes…



Blue flowers

…and it is long enough so her drawers don’t show anymore…



Best Friends

…and best of all, now she and Guttersnipe are dressed in the same colour!



14 thoughts on “Little Blue

    • Thanks very much – the little dresses are fiddly, and the littler ones are fiddly-er, but they are quick to knit. Darning in the ends takes almost as long, patience is required!

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