A Story

A Little Garden Fairy

It is the middle of summer, and has been hot, and very dry, even for southern Vancouver Island where we live. The Hittys are all lazing around reading…Min with her fairy doll book is sitting in the Witch Hazel tree…




…the twins are reading a useful Camping Instructions book, and making plans for their next adventure….



Tiny adventures

…and Henrietta read her favourite little storybook to her favourite little girl.




Mormor dozed off trying to figure out the weather forecast for next month…



Make up your mind!

…and Jane was riveted by her romance novel!

Somehow the weather seems to have sapped the energy of the humans as well.




12 thoughts on “A Story

  1. the Hitty’s library of little books is wonderful. There seems to be no end to the heat – good way to keep cool for both Hittys and humans. Mormor has the right idea, pulling her hat over her eyes and ignoring it all.

    • We love our little books, and always enjoy a new (or old) Hitty tome when we acquire them…we find little books in odd places some times, including at the Moss Street Paint-In a couple of years ago.

  2. This year, I can really relate to Mormor and napping. We too have been having significant heat and a nap seems to be a quick remedy for heavy eyelids and lax brain.

  3. I laughed when i viewed Mormor sleeping with her hat over her head. A good hat to keep cool. Loved seeing my favorite little girl being read to…Min and the twins always a welcome sight. I though of Min when you showed the bee balm flower in a previous story .I recalled a story with Min in a bee dress with wings encouraging bee balm to grow. ( I hope I didn’t dream that, although I can’t think of a better dream.)
    Hoping you all are safe from those dreadful fires.

  4. Oh I laughed over Mormor dozing with book on lap!! Looked like me on these hot afternoons! As a dedicated reader I am quite impressed by the girls and their books.

  5. I have come late to the reading party, having spent the last two days unpacking the caravan and doing vast quantities of laundry! What a marvellous collection of tiny literature, and something for everyone…

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