A Morning Adventure

Ship Quilt

Gráinne woke up at six bells…




…gave her parrot some papaya and banana….




…got her clothes on and…




…sailed off on a morning adventure in the laundry basket.



Gráinne has had her nose in this book all day!


10 thoughts on “A Morning Adventure

  1. Gràinne’s adventure starts, continues and ends oh so pleasantly. I remember that quilt! It was the first one I saw with the H quilt challenges. I always thought it was so cool…or is this another version of it?

    • This is a newer version of the ship quilt I made in February 2015! I added another tier of sails, and a jib…Gráinne says she likes it better as the ship now has slightly more realistic proportions, and fortunately hasn’t muttered too much about my cutting off the top points of the topsails!!

  2. Grainne’s adventures never disappoint.. She is so entertaining in her swashbuckling ways. Her bedroom with the parrot and the Earl Grey tea box was perfect. Have always smiled at that parrot of hers…of course Treasure Island is the go to book for Grainne. Loved it.

    • That Tea box was perfect for Gráinne! She loves the picture of the Tea Clipper on it, and dreams of sailing on a speedy vessel like that with all those sails, though flying the skull and crossbones of course! She takes good care of her parrot, and makes sure he has delicious fruit breakfasts every morning! And as for Treasure Island – what thrilling dreams she has of finding maps and digging for treasure!

    • My little bold, bad pirate can’t help being sweet, but I won’t tell her you (or I) said that, she would be quite vexed! She is reading Treasure Island very carefully to see if there are any tips in it about being bolder and badder…Gráinne aspires to being fierce and indomitable! Ar-r-r-r!

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