Knitting Merino Silk


New yarn!





Silk and merino wool – so luxurious!




Rose is helping me to knit…




…a stripy sweater!



12 thoughts on “Knitting Merino Silk

  1. Oh, so beautiful. And I do remember the feel of merino…ahhh, sooo soft! I love Roses’ little pinafore, too. I’m still slaving away on a knitted shawl from the last issue of Piecework. I’ve never done a pointed edge in knit before so it seems I pull out more than I knit some days.

  2. Rose’s dress is so beautiful, and yes knitting one of my favorite things… This merinow wool is great. Thank you dear, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

  3. That’s ok dear Hitty Lady, no problem, I can almost understand you, I am same like you, not being on time, be fine dear, Thank you, Love, nia

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