October Garden 2021

October Garden

It has been a complicated week in the Hitty cupboard – and we’ve had very stormy weather! Floradora and Henrietta were very glad to get outside to breathe some fresh air. They thought they’d look for mushrooms, but…




…they didn’t find a single mushroom. Instead they found a lot of other October-y things going on – the mystery squash were revealed to be pumpkins! Three large and several smaller ones are slowly turning more orange as the days go by!




The very poisonous but very beautiful Aconite is in bloom at last, in a secluded corner of the garden…



Witch Hazelnuts

…and the Witch Hazel tree (well, shrub really) is producing nuts for the first time that we can remember!





Last Tomatoes

One of the tomato plants has expended all its energy and we gathered the fruit to make a yummy tomato soup…and the two other plants are trying hard, but we’ll probably end up making green tomato something.




Our lovely orb-weavers are busy…



Garter Snake

…and our resident Garter snake is trying to catch a few last rays of sun before the next storm.



Raspberry feast

A lovely late fall Friday afternoon, complete with a handful of raspberries!!



25 thoughts on “October Garden 2021

    • You are welcome – the view of the garden out the window is constantly changing and marvellous – it was delightful to be lured out by Henrietta and Floradora, for a close-up view of things. We basked like the snake in shafts of sunlight between showers of rain!

  1. What a bountiful outing! A hymn to a wonderful early Fall day. Mother nature seems to be so generous in your garden…rewarding all the work the Quimper household puts in it. Cooler days are already here in the East…tomato plant all at a halt…only a few herbs still going strong. They will go into soups tomorrow and then garden will be put to rest. Our woodens sure appreciate the lovely scenes in Quimper garden extending the harvest season. Great job girls!!!

    • We hope your soup is delicious! We rarely get frost, though the nights are cooling rapidly…our human garden helper comes once a month, and she hauled away a huge truck load of clippings and expended vegetation…We have a very small garden really, but it is a huge jungle for the Hittys, and they love to work and play in it.

  2. This was such a welcomed story. Each and every photo was appreciated. Just lovely. Hope all is well in the Quimper Household. Sending Love and hugs.

    • Your love and hugs are welcome! Complicated times in Quimperland means appreciating the kindness of friends, small beautiful things, and the subsiding of the garden in the season’s turning. Thank you!

  3. Interesting! Different names for plants in different places. What you call Datura we’d call Aconite, or Monk’s Hood, and Datura is Brugmansia, or Angel’s Trumpet, a tree.

      • Oh! I assumed they just had a different name there. We have quite a lot of Datura here because of the suitable climate and because it smells *wonderful*, but I can’t grow aconite although I’d love to because the colour is glorious.

    • My Hittys love their mushroom dresses – their favourite fall attire! They are both on the verge of digging their socks and shoes out of Mormor’s closet though, the days are suddenly quite cool. We are quite pleased with the garden – it very much has rewarded us for our efforts at the beginning, and the ongoing weeding and watering…the whole process has brought us such joy and contentment, and it makes such a delightful place for the Hittys to play!

  4. Oh so autumnally cheering is what I’d call this narrative and such vibrant photos! I feel so content after having read this welcome narrative. It is very dry here so your pretty colors are feeling very enchanting to me.

    • Thank you! We had a very dry summer – keeping up with watering was a daily activity! The response of the garden was so rewarding – it became a haven for little birds, the butterflies, dragonflies, bees, spiders…and our little garden snake! We were enchanted too! Now the autumn rains are here, and the garden is trading its wild exuberance for (as you say) an autumnally cheering vibrancy!

    • Lovely to see you here! I have learned a lot from the Quimper Hittys about appreciating what is happening, instead of what didn’t happen. Their favourite part of the mushroom hunt, was seeing the snake!

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