November Friday Flowers


Willa found a few late-blooming flowers in the back garden…like Feverfew…




…and these damp but beautiful Chrysanthemums…




…and some lovely-scented Rosemary.



Friday Bouquet

…a Friday Bouquet and a candle for a friend



9 thoughts on “November Friday Flowers

  1. Beautiful! Mind if I borrow the last pic to show to my Sisinlaw who’s been asking me what a Hitty was since I put it on my gift list?

  2. Never saw flowering Rosemary. it has a beautiful flower. Loved your last story about Willa too. Have been recovering from what you call the dreaded Lurgy. Your stories are always uplifting.

    • Ah yes – it blooms almost year-round here, it is generally very mild in winter-time. Just now we are hoping it doesn’t mind wet feet too much – it is in a raised bed, but everything is sodden!

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