Winter Warmer Felt Mittens



On a chilly and grey November afternoon Floradora dug around in the Winter warmers trunk but could not find any mittens…




…so we cut out some felt. You need four cut-outs for each pair of mittens.




Then you decorate two opposite cut-outs with embroidery: one with the thumb pointing left, and another with the thumb pointing right.




You can also decorate with appliqué…same principles apply – one thumb pointing right and the other pointing left.



overcast stitch

Then place a plain cutout and a decorated one together with the right sides out. Using a tiny overcast stitch sew around the edge of the mitten, but leaving the wrist open!




Floradora also suggests sewing a length of string between each mitten pair, long enough to slip through each sleef and pin a loop to the inside of your jacket.



21 thoughts on “Winter Warmer Felt Mittens

  1. Helo,
    I got erlasteck on my mittins to.
    It gows throw my coat sleefs so I dount lost them.
    my mittins arunt so pritty like yors thow.
    love from

    ( The message above is from our smallest person, aged 5, typed without help. We hope it makes sense, Love, Roberta Not-Quite-Hitty xx)

      • I have some good “Thinsulate” gloves for driving as well as assorted crochet mitts around. Yesterday’s sudden temp and weather conditions caught us all a little off-guard. We don’t usually see it that nasty this early.

  2. amazing -such tiny beautiful stitches, now the Hittys will have warm hands for the winter. And that little red sweater is lovely. As a child in the north I always had strings on my hand knitted mittens.

    • The Hittys don’t like the sound of chilblains, though luckily they have never experienced them! And won’t if this mitten-maker can keep up with the Hitty sewing! The little sweater is a great favourite around here – such a cheerful colour and the girls like the snowflake pattern…it is definitely getting chillier these days as well as being wet!

  3. Thank you for showing us how to do this. You are so talented and creative. We don’t knit so this is a great find. Will try some mukluks for our bare footed Hitty’s.

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