Special Request

roughed out

The youngest human asked very nicely if it was possible to make a doll out of holly, and I happened to have a blank in my supplies, so I set to work.




Young human promised to entertain  herself while I worked…and she did!




Holly is hard wood, so I might not get her done by Saturday…young human understands this…




…but it is never too soon to start playing!!



22 thoughts on “Special Request

    • She loves to play with the dolls I make and has been making cute little dolls herself, using unpainted “Ellen”, another with a popsicle stick, a cut down clothes peg, a hickory nut, and she invented horsetail people and pine cone babies…I just love that she sat at the table with me reading a book or playing while I worked, and can see the time and the effort to carve this new girl!

  1. She looks as though she will be quite a young Hitty. What fun it is to see the early stages of a new little personality beginning to peek through as you work on her.
    My goodness, how the youngest human has grown up! She will soon be carving her own Hitty dolls.

    • Young human will be nine in less than a month! I am so glad she has an imaginative spirit, and doesn’t feel the need for any overly well-endowed plastic figures in her life! She has begged me to try using my carving tools, but I think a little more coordination is needed, however I do believe she will carve a Hitty some day!

  2. What a memorable gift this little doll will be to the youngest human. It’s so cool that she feels and is allowed to play with the doll in the making even before “she” is complete.

  3. I love that youngest human loves the woodens also. My sister has a holly tree and did carve a Hitty from it. She named her Holly of course. Julie made a dress for her with Holly leaves and berries…Holly wears that all year long. We have three nieces who live in Portland Or who we shared our love of Hitty to. ( the magic of I phones makes visiting and viewing easy) They fell in love with Hitty. My sister, Julie and I gifted the girls with there own Hittys. They love their woodens. It makes us so happy that Hitty will live on long after we have left this lifetime. I look forward to seeing your new Hitty.

    • Aren’t we lucky to have people to share Hitty with? Little, and big people too, of course! How sweet that you also have a Holly dolly, she sounds exquisite with her pretty dress. It will be a joy for me to have this holly dolly loved and appreciated by my young human!

  4. A delightful tale of creation! And fascinating to watch the Hitty come out of the holly wood. Keep us posted as she progresses.

  5. Kjerstin, youngest human is quite patient indeed! But what a lucky girl. I alreaody see a very sweet face shining through, and her moss green dress is exquisite. Can’t wait to see the finished doll. Will her name, perhaps, be Holly? Merry Christmas to you and the Quimper Hittys! Judith


    • Her name is Holly! She is named after a character in the story “Holly and Ivy” by Rumer Godden. The young human had been learning about the various kinds of wood I have used in making dolls, and she remembered the story which I read to her in the summer. She asked about a wooden doll made out of Holly, which I was so glad to be able to fulfil her request. The finished doll will belong to her whenever she gets done, and she will definitely keep the green dress!

      • Hello Holly! Can you hear us yet?
        We love the book you are named for.
        Here’s hoping you and your new Youngest Person have a wonderful Christmas, finished or not.
        love from
        Mary and Roberta Not-Quite-Hitty xxxx

  6. Wonderful! Especially to have special someone who is so talented. At the moment, I’m furiously trying to crochet a couple of Barbie dresses before Friday for a special little girl down in Mayfield, Ky who lost her dollies clothes in the Tornado. She has her dolly, sans clothing. I, too, told her it might not get done for Christmas, but I’d try my best. So far, I have 1 dress done and still working. Went to store to see about getting her some new ones… nada! The entire Barbie section was empty shelves. Was going to get her a new friend to go with, and some little goodies.

  7. Will she be called Holly, I wonder, or Noëlle? Or maybe youngest human has something completely different in mind… Holly is a beautiful, dense, durable wood, so she’ll be beautiful forever!

    • She’s definitely Holly – she had her name before I even lifted the knife! I think she will be a sweet doll, and I am sure that watching me carve the face made an impression on the young Human. It is a beautiful wood – sands so smooth and satiny…Young human takes good care of her things too, so I am sure Holly will be beloved forever!

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