Holly 3

Holly dear Dolly

Holly was finished just in the nick of time to be a Christmas day gift for the youngest human. I dressed her in a green knitted dress, and tucked her into a little dolly bed, and wrapped everything in a shoe box.  Because of the box, young human was expecting shoes, but when she saw who was inside she whispered “It’s Holly!” in the most endearing and gratifying way.




 Holly has been enjoying young human’s company all this time, but this morning she was transferred from YH’s pocket to mine while we were on the way to school…along with another polite request: this time for a coat so Holly could play outside…



Holly’s coat

…because snow was in the forecast again!




Luckily I got the coat done by the end of the school day so Holly could pose for a photo next to her tree-cousin



Azalea buds

…and she played around outside all the rest of the afternoon!!



22 thoughts on “Holly 3

    • Thank you so much, we just love playing dolls with our young human, she is a very sweet mama to her dolls, she was singing Holly my dearest when she was setting things up on the porch.

  1. Oh Kjerstin, what a magical moment it must have been when Young Human pulled Holly and her bed from the shoe box! It reminds me of the Christmas I opened a garment-sized box, expecting the annual hand-sewn flannel nightgown from my grandmother (warm and soft but not very exciting). Instead, it was full of beautiful Barbie clothes she’d made. So exciting! Holly has such a pretty, sweet face, and how wonderful of you to whip up such a beautiful Holly-perfect coat by after school. YH must have been thrilled! Judith


    • I was so glad I was there to see and hear the young human’s reaction…it was a special moment! I liked being asked to make a coat for Holly, and so happy to be able to put it together, even with a short turnaround time.

  2. I was crying with happiness seeing this beautiful doll and imagining the scene of Miss Youngest Human opening up her box….and that coat! I can never say it enough, your blog is so inspirational, gratifying and FUN!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, what a magical moment! Thank you for sharing it! It must have been a bit of a challenge for your granddaughter to say goodbye to her darlin’ Holly for the day! I bet that there were more than a few moments when she was filled with longing for Holly’s companionship! Her response to opening Holly brought tears to my eyes! ❤

    • It was pure magic! I was so delighted to see it, she really appreciates this dolly in a special way since she asked for her specially, and watched me carving the pieces before her very eyes! And Holly is rather a hard wood, so she could see the effort too!

    • I am glad you liked the coat! The boots were a gift from a Hitty friend, but I think they were meant for Holly’s little feet…I have had a request for socks….Young human was very specific in her request for black hair and green eyes for her Holly.

  4. Holly is wonderful, the perfect doll companion for a child – and what a special child too. It is so refreshing to hear how grateful and happy the youngest human was to receive her.

  5. It is very touching to see the way the young human talks to Holly, and plays with her and really seems to feel a special fondness… I do feel lucky to be participating in this magic!

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