Knitting Warm Things

Grey Fisherman’s hat

Rose has been advising…



Purple Tabby Cat socks

…and helping with big socks…



Green socks

…and tiny socks!



It is chilly and damp outside, not surprising since it is January! Everyone will be glad to have some new woolies.



9 thoughts on “Knitting Warm Things

  1. How very thoughtful of you and Rose to be conferring and working together on your woolies, big and small. I can attest that wool socks are just the nicest socks to be wearing in bitter cold weather. I do believe we’re experiencing one of our coldest winter days today. My feet are very grateful for the warmth of the wool against them.

    • Brrr, the winter’s chill can bite! We love to knit on chilly days, and are always ready to start a new pair of socks…we’ve nearly finished the purple ones and are about to begin some “Guacamole” – what fun!

  2. Hello Rose
    A day of quiet, domestic craft work is one of the joys of the winter months, isn’t it? It is so pleasant to share it with a friend too.
    We spent the day embroidering a tablecloth for our kitchen.
    All our love,
    Mary and Roberta xxx

  3. Yes…Warm toes make for cozy feet.
    Love seeing Rose in her adorable rocking chair. Her hand full of knitting needles always makes me smile.

  4. oh what a busy home the Quimper abode is. I have to confess looking at the needles and that tiny sock is pretty confounding!! I am sure all the warm toes will be very grateful for the hard work!

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