Handwoven Coverlet


Our friend “up the hill” dropped off four handwoven squares for me to make a blanket for the Hittys…




…I cut two in half, and stitched them back together…



Cosy Bedroom

…into a centre-medallion coverlet, with a little pillow sham! Constance loves it, though she thinks the kitty might need to budge over a little bit to make room for her in the bed!



Thank you so much One Small Stitch, the Hittys are delighted with their beautiful new blanket!

Click here for One Small Stitch’s blog.



18 thoughts on “Handwoven Coverlet

  1. What a kind friend! And what a lovely coverlet you have made. This is indeed a cozy little bedroom. I hope you post it in the January Challenge album on Hittygirls. Judith

  2. Now that is a real winter warmer bedroom, Constance! From the Welsh style rug on the floor, the candle burning brightly to the wonderful, warm coverlet I can’t imagine a better place to snuggle down for a bedtime read followed by a good night’s sleep. What a cozy nightgown too.

    Your cat has chosen the right Hitty to share a bed with, there’s nothing our cat likes better than the carthen Mamgu (Granny’s blanket)on our bed. He will be most annoyed when spring comes and I replace it with something a little lighter!

    • We thought it looked like a Welsh coverlet when we bought it second hand, but there was no identifying label on it. Th Hittys found it a bit stiff as a coverlet so they use it as a floor rug…the cat of course picked the very middle of the bed, on the brand new wool blanket. Typical moggie.

  3. Those squares made a lovely bedspread. You have such a clever way of seeing an end result. Having one full square in the middle and making the others into little triangles was brilliant…not to mention that you have the talent to do it.

  4. You never fail to amaze me, it was very brave of you to cut the squares and not have them unravel as you stitched. So happy that Constance and Kitty approve. Wonderful to see that Spring is arriving “down the hill”.

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