Hari Kuyou 2022


Vanilla celebrates with the household today.


Our household is deeply involved with textiles and needlework, so we acknowledge Hari Kuyou today.

Click here for a link to a site which explains this custom.



Hari Kuyo

After stitching many quilts, knitting socks, dresses and hats, and sewing for appreciative dolls and humans last year, it is time for the weary needles and pins to retire. They have been forced through stiff fabrics for so long, and they now get to rest, being pushed into the soft tofu with grateful prayers, and will be left as offerings at a Shinto shrine.



12 thoughts on “Hari Kuyou 2022

  1. Vanilla looks beautiful in her Japanese Kimono. This celebration is touching. It reminds me to honor whatever abilities remain ( even if somewhat broken) and to be thankful for all the years in the past.
    Thank you.
    Seriously Vanilla looks stunning in that gorgeous Kimono.

  2. If I had a shinto shrine nearby, that’s where mine would go, instead of into my sharps container for safe disposal. I wonder how they feel about their fiery fate… A nice squishy tofu bed would be peaceful, but I think personally I’d go for the funeral pyre!

  3. Just the other day I was collecting bent and no longer used needles and pins and was wondering when this ceremony was. I knew you would bring it up again-how wonderful to be reminded of it and see Vanilla honoring it so beautifully.

    • It is one of our favourite days of the year! I am pleased you remembered and looked forward to the ceremony! The Quimper Hittys have some lovely kimono and don’t wear them all that often, so they were looking forward too!

  4. Love Vanilla! She reminds me of my own Roseberry hitty. Her outfit is to die for and so much suits her! Thank you for sharing this japanese tradition.

    • I think you are right – Roseberry and Vanilla both have a similar smile! Thanks so much for your kind comments about the kimono – she is pleased and proud to wear it for spring celebrations this year! She will probably keep it on until cherry blossom festival!

  5. Vanilla is resplendent in that kimono….what an interesting ritual…satisfying in a way! As always thank you for bringing us instruction in such a fun way.

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