Black Currants!


Sitka (and the humans!) are thrilled with the crop of Black Currants this year. Apparently they like cool wet springs, followed by a blast of hot weather!






We picked a basketful in the morning…




…and after a long hot day (32 degrees C is hot for this area)…




…there were so many more plump ripe black fruits, we picked another basketfull in the afternoon!




They ripen sequentially, and the ripe ones look so beautiful and smell so delicious we are slightly worried that a raccoon might decide to harvest them for us. So, as soon as the berries ripen we are picking them and putting them into the freezer.  We have collected 500 g already! I am sure we will double that if the raccoons stay away – plenty enough to make some of our favourite jam!




7 thoughts on “Black Currants!

  1. So fun! and will be most delicious. Isn’t it a wonder that if some vegetation doesn’t fare well in certain variations of the climate, others do? So nice to see little Sitka familiarizing herself with what your area has to offer. Would she have had black currants in her area of origin?

    • I don’t think there were wild Black Currants, but there may have been tame ones introduced to the village gardens. There are other berries though – Huckleberries, Thimbleberries, Salmonberries Strawberries and Salal berries, at the very least.

  2. how lovely…so fun to see Sitka at work. Currents are not common to this area. Soon will be blackberry time.

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