Thank goodness for Mittens!


Abigail is so happy!



White stuff

She wished it would snow so she could have an excuse to wear her new mittens, and lo…




…it did!



More snow

Abigail visited Holly…



No mittens

…but Holly didn’t have any mittens…




…so they stayed inside and drank warm tea!





11 thoughts on “Thank goodness for Mittens!

  1. Abigail’s wee felt mittens and other warm clothing look really cozy …..Hope Holly will also get some mittens so her hands can keep warm – Nothing like a hot cup of tea to keep warm !!

    • I learned to clamp my hands around a mug of tea indoors in my non-centrally-heated home in England. After six years of studenthood and then working, my tea dependence was very ingrained then and is still!

    • Little girls are very fun to be with on the exciting first day of snow! The Hittys were rather happy about it all too, though the grown-ups were glad it didn’t stick around! We are warm…how is it up the hill?

  2. how kind to keep ones friend company. The little tea party looks quite cozy. Abigale looked very well dressed for a snowy day….lovely coat and warm mittens. We must get Holly some mittens!!

    • We all enjoyed the tea! Our little girl had fennel seeds, a clove, some lemon peel and a few leaves of rosemary in her infuser, plus honey…the Big human had plain English Breakfast with milk! M-m-m-m.

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