December Hope

Raspberry Cordial

 Graziella and Abigail opened #23 to find another delicious drink – Raspberry Cordial…yum!



Bath Salt Cube!

And on the 24th they had a wonderful bathe in some lavender Bath salts!!! How luxurious!



Sleep tight

They tucked themselves into bed with hopeful hearts on Christmas Eve…



Thank you to every single one of my crafty friends for the lovely fun this month!


The Quimper Hittys and their human send greetings to all:

Buon Natale, Buorrit Juovllat, Gledileg Jol, щасливого Різдва, С Рождеством, Noeliniz Kutlu Olsun, Glædelig Jul, メリークリスマス, Häid jõule, God Jul, 圣诞节快乐, Feliz Navidad, مع أطيب الأمنيات بحلول العام الجديد, Gajan Kristnaskon, Nadolig Llawen, Vrolijk Kerstfeest, Joyeux Noël and Happy Christmas!

And whether you celebrate Christmas or not, may the commonwealth of peace and freedom sustain your home and come on earth.








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