April Apple Blossoms


Floradora and Arianell skipped out to the garden on a fresh spring morning…




…they climbed up the little apple tree…




…so they could sit in the branches…




…and admire the blossoms…



Apple dreams

…and dream about apples!






12 thoughts on “April Apple Blossoms

  1. Beautiful colours, these blossoms fascinating. I love this season, photographs carried me to my own memories, when I was a child and apple trees… and how beautiful to eat apple from the tree… Thank you, love, nia

    • Thank you for your sweet memories…We love to eat apples off the tree! We feel so lucky to have a garden that includes enough space for an apple tree. Hopefully it will grow and thrive – right now it is very small but it will grow!

    • We wonder too – it is still a very little tree, despite seeming so big to the Hittys! It feels like there have been a few more warm days this spring than there were last year, when only one apple survived to picking season!

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