Floradora is getting quite adept at climbing…




…she goes up the Dogwood tree every morning to check on the state of the dogwood flowers…




Look! The bracts are turning white…




…and the cluster of buds in the centre will soon produce their tiny flowers!





8 thoughts on “Almost

  1. Oh Floradora, how joyful you must be to see the developments on this tree and upcoming unfurling of those delicate little flowers. You ARE getting quite adept at climbing! Your little toes are just perfect for helping you get where you want to go.

    • Floradora is filled with joy – and we love her reports on the progress of the tree – from bare branches to little leaf buds and now the lovely beginnings of the blossoms…and bare toes are best!

  2. Oh! Your Dogwood blooms have 4 pointed bracts! I just realized that I may have a vintage dogwood quilt. I had thought that dogwood blossoms had to have a little notch out of them, but yours are pointed like my quilt blocks!

    • We are interested to see if the lack of a little notch is because the bracts aren’t fully developed yet, or whether it is just a differently shaped modified leaf. Perhaps the Cornus Starlight is a pointy variety?

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