Happy Vyshyvanka Day

З днем ​​вишиванки

Tansy wishes everyone З днем ​​вишиванки (Happy Vyshyvanka Day)!




Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday




…that aims to preserve the Ukrainian folk tradition…




…of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered clothes…



Tansy’s wonderful outfit was made for her by a Ukrainian-Canadian family in 2014, Click here for a link to the 2014 post celebrating Ukrainian Orthodox Easter!


Click here for an article about Vyshyvanka Day!






7 thoughts on “Happy Vyshyvanka Day

  1. So very pretty and a great way to celebrate embroidered ethnic clothing. I think such clothing is gorgeous and so deeply meaningful and appreciated.

    • It was such a lovely thing for Tansy’s Ukrainian-Canadian friends to do for her! Tansy loves the idea of a special day to wear it – we only learned about the holiday this year!

  2. I am a great fan of Embroidered Hitty clothing…this example is wonderful and so fitting to honor Ukranian heritage at this periolus time in their country. Thank you for sharing such a special ensemble.

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