Hitty Constance

Hitty Constance with Strawberries

This is Hitty Constance, the first Hitty that ever came to our house.  I carved her while on Holiday in Turkey, finishing her in Istanbul on May 25th 2007. The name Constance is from the former name of the city, Constantinople.  She thinks it highly appropriate that she was made in the land of the Hittites. Constance was made using a Judy Brown “Carve your own Hitty” kit, which consisted of a wooden doll blank, a booklet of instructions and a set of carving tools. On her very first day of existence I took her to the Grand Bazaar to get her a coral necklace, which she still wears.  Apparently the corals were only dyed and not a natural pink coral colour, because they have faded over time.

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