Hitty Carya

Carya is a shoulderhead Hitty doll 6 1/2 inches high, her head is a resin cast of a sculpted doll made by Sara Cole . The resin has ground up pecan shells in it, hence the name Carya.  I sewed the body out of unbleached muslin and painted it to match her skin colour with acryllics, then painted her face and hair.  The body pattern is based on one designed by Dixie Redmond for her Izannah Walker Doll on-line classes. Hitty Carya’s unpainted Dala horse was sent by one Hittygirls friend, and her dress is made with fabric sent by another, using a pattern  shared by a third.  Her moccasins and the saddle are from Thrift stores in Victoria and Michigan.

There was a brush fire near our house last summer, but owing to the rainy weather and quick response by the fire department, it didn’t get too far out of control.  Some of the gorse and broom were burnt, and the birds and rabbits lost their thickets, but little green shoots are sprouting back already.

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