Hitty Eugenia Lihue

Eugenia in an arbutus tree

Eugenia was carved by doll artist Gustavo Trullet who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is made of Arrayanes wood,  from a tree that looks similar to the Arbutus or Madrona tree.  She came to live with us in 2010, and I named her after the Arraynes tree, which used to be classified in the genus Eugenia.  I asked Gustavo to carve her for me of this wood because I recall the Arrayanes tree from visits to Lago Nahuel Huapi in Argentina, and because Arbutus wood objects I see around here have a beautiful grain. Gustavo said it was a very difficult wood to carve, but I love the way she turned out.  Gustavo called her Lihue while he was carving her for me, so I’ve kept it as part of her name.  Eugenia’s right eye is naturally dark brown, and shaped by the streak of dark grain running across her face. I merely matched the colour for the left eye.


4 thoughts on “Hitty Eugenia Lihue

  1. I love her, she is one of my favorites, and you did such a beautiful job of painting and dressing her. Your girls are so special with their personalities and stories.

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