Gingerbread Factory

The Cat wants to help

 Min and Eugenia occupy the kitchen in a baking extravaganza.  At this time of year there is no such thing as too many Gingerbread Persons.




6 thoughts on “Gingerbread Factory

  1. What an industrious and enthusiastic bunch of bakers. I love the chaos of this scene, but could hardly expect less with the rambunctious Min involved. Is that flour spattered on the walls? Oh dear, such a big cleaning job will be needed.

    I wish I knew what Min was going to say to the cat; a thank you for helping, or admonshment for sampling?

    Looks as if Eugenia is the one really doing much of the work, but maybe Min is getting the cookies ready to pack in tins, so that the other Quimper Hittys don’t just, in passing, sample the piles into oblivion.

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