Catherine of Braganza

A Pot of tea for Zipporah.

Zipporah has dressed up as Catherine of Braganza, the Queen-Consort of Charles II of England.  She cannot understand why more people do not revere this important personage… due to her influence, two things became essential components of polite English Society –  the use of the fork at the dinner table, and the custom of taking “High Tea” in the afternoon.  Today, May 13th, 2012 is the 350th anniversary of the day Catherine of Braganza first set foot on English soil, and there is no doubt whatsoever that the first thing she requested upon her arrival was a restorative cup of tea!

Zipporah was delighted to borrow Constance’s 17th Century gown for the photo, (click here to see an earlier blog post showing close-ups of this garment).  Her ermine-trimmed court robe is fit for a Queen, and she hopes for other occasions to wear it in the future. She also hopes that I will eventually get around to making her some more practical clothes.



10 thoughts on “Catherine of Braganza

  1. Zipporah was chosen to play C of B in this portrait because they both have unusual hair arrangements. She is looking forward to having a commemorative tea party with the rest of the Quimper Hittys later this afternoon.

  2. Zipporah is very lovely in that dress (and at all other times too). I am glad to see she shares the Quimper Hitty fascination with interesting corners of history; it looks as if she is fitting in perfectly.

  3. Beautiful gown – I am sure Constance did not mind her borrowing the gown. – The British love their afternoon cup of hot tea and so do I. Glad Zipporah is interesting in British history and looking forward to seeing more pictures.

    • Constance is very generous – most of the clothes in this house were made to fit her as she has lived here longest (five years), and she had a couple of years’ head start on the other girls.

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