Happy King Kamehameha Day

Lei  and a leaf skirt for a little celebrant.

June 11th is  King Kamehameha day. Min and her big sisters wish everyone a happy Hawaiian Holiday.

Happy Hitty Constance

In Hawaii, the day is celebrated by wearing lei and draping them onto statues of King Kamehameha.  It is also a good time for performing a Hula dance.  Hittys can manage the Lei but unfortunately, not the dancing…while their spirits  are willing, their pegs are not.



Rosie in the Fucsia

The Hittys enjoy any celebration that involves flowers.

12 thoughts on “Happy King Kamehameha Day

  1. So lovely, so informative, always peeking into cultural and botanical happenings that I’m not even aware of. Thank you!

  2. Tansy is sitting in a far away motel room with me, enjoying her sister’s celebration. She says its too rainy and cool for her to join in. She can hardly wait to get home and share her adventures in Haida Gwaii with all the other Quimper Hittys. Thanks for sending her along – she is great company. Always joyful 🙂

  3. Constance is ready to sail to Hawaii in her pretty dress. The leis are just the perfect size!

    • It was fun looking for tiny flowers. Min’s are made from two kinds of Lilac, Constance has Valerian, and Monkey Flax and a white flower I think was a Hebe. Rose has Forget-me-nots. I just strung them on a thread with a thin needle.

  4. Min, Rose and Constance look like real Hawiian girls. The Lei and flowers complete the pretty pictures…Beautiful !!

    • The girls are pleased you think so. They have never been to Hawaii, but perhaps some day they will, and meanwhile they delight in honouring the memory of a respected king. Especially as it involves flowers!

    • The girls are delighted you think so, they have decided they like lei, and wish there were more opportunities to wear them…apparently there is also a Prince Kuhio Kalanianaole Day in Hawaii …hmmm

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