Not Icarus

Min Chats up a Little Brown Bird.

Named after a Bird (Psaltriparus minimus), Min has always had a hankering to fly.  Up in the apple tree, she has found a Little Brown Bird willing to try and teach her.

No feathers.

The L-B-B explains that he learned to fly when his parents persuaded him to jump out of his nest.  Of course, he has a beautiful feathery coat…he thinks probably feathers are a requirement, and suggests Min avail herself of some feathers and try leaping out of a tree.


A lot of feathers here.

The feather duster has so many feathers, no one will miss a couple…


Safety Pins for Safety.

Ostrich Feathers, Safety Pins, and Ribbon!!! Min thinks this will definitely work! She plans for her maiden flight tomorrow, and hopes it won’t rain again.

10 thoughts on “Not Icarus

  1. Ha Ha – Little Min is so daring………..Wonder if those Ostrich Feathers, safety pins and ribbon will work??

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