Yellow Card Trick

A Cheerful Yellow

A Cheerful Yellow

Constance always finds yellow a cheering colour in the spring,  She hangs out the last Card Trick Quilt, hoping to encourage the sun to shine through the clouds and uplift us with some sunny moments.



The Whole Deck

The Whole Deck

Here are all four Card Trick Quilts. The cards, and the backing-and outer border is the same in all four quilts. Each quilt has a different colour for the background of the cards, which gives the quilt its’ name, and each quilt had a different combination of fabrics for the inner borders. 

 To see other mini quilts made with the old Yoyo quilt fabrics, Click here.



14 thoughts on “Yellow Card Trick

  1. Aha! Not-Quite-Hitty Mary has decided! The yellow and green together are HER favourites and she will have her room in those colours, if we ever manage to find or build the girls their own home. Poor Not-Quite-Hitty Roberta keeps changing her mind…the quilts are all so beautiful. She was almost dizzy with going through your posts to look at them, so she is very appreciative of the photo of them all together.
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing such reproduction beauty with us, Quimper Hittys! I think they’re all marvelous…loved seeing all the Card Trick quilts together. Well done.

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