A Nice Plain Quilt for Mary Ann

A Plain Quilt

A Plain Quilt

Mary Ann is content, this Amish style quilt is exactly what she had in mind. She finds the simplicity of the pattern very restful.



I accidentally cut off the corners of the innermost border squares, drat, but Mary Ann is not bothered.  I found some interesting information about Amish Quilts on this website, including a discussion about the concept of “Humility Blocks”: (click here).


Mary Ann’s Quilt contains no recycled Yoyos, but to see mini quilts made with the old Yoyo quilt fabrics, Click here.



15 thoughts on “A Nice Plain Quilt for Mary Ann

  1. Mary Ann does look content now. I think she’s found the rest she’d been looking for to be sure. Thanks for sharing this additional beauty of a quilt.

  2. Well now. That is quite a good excuse for acquiring new Hittys–you have too many quilts!!! I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future. I love it! Mary Ann’s quilt is lovely. I never would have known it was an error quilt if you hadn’t told us.

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