1930’s Quilt Gallery



The last few days of quilting up the recycled yoyos resulted in 14 little Hitty-sized quilts each about five inches square. I have put them all together in a gallery so they can be seen all at once.  Below you will see “thumbnails”, if you click on any one you will get a larger picture, with forward and backward arrows…below the gallery is a little youtube video showing me snipping apart the yoyos with the help of my cat…



The Hitty Quilts all contain recycled Yoyos, some also have added modern fabrics with reproduction 1930’s prints, and all have a large piece of fabric as a Backing-and-border, which is a sometimes a contemporary quilting fabric with a reproduction 1930’s print, and sometimes a scrap of 1920’s or 30’s fabric from my scrap bag. To see posts about each of these miniature quilts with details about the fabrics in each quilt , Click here.



14 thoughts on “1930’s Quilt Gallery

  1. My girls and I have loved seeing all your quilts. My favourite is the yellow card trick, followed by puss-in -the corner #2. Thank you for sharing all your hard work. Jenni

  2. I like them all, a favourite is hard to select. But, against that background, which is great one by the way, Delectable Mountains is just perfect, so I choose that one, this minute anyway.
    She’s a darling cat, and so helpful. I did not even see a hint of claw when she was holding that end down for you.

  3. wonderful quilts. great photos. And as for the cat. assisting inthe dismantle of the quilt….I have a cat who can (and did!) dismantle an easy chair and a sofa!! That yo yo quilt would have been yo yo threads in her capable paws,

  4. Trip Around the World is my first choice although Pink Card Trick is a close second. I really don’t think you could have taken apart that big yo yo quilt without the help of your cat. He just seemed to have the right touch in getting the job done.

    • I love it that people are declaring their favourites! Each one has a special nuance and I change my mind about which one I like best…The cat is gratified that you noticed the delicate paw!

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