Madame Butterfly





A sad story

A sad story

Madame Butterfly by Puccini permeates Constance’s Saturday with beauty and tragedy.   She is reading Madame Chrysanthème  by Pierre Loti, a semi-autobiographical novel that was one of the inspirations for the opera. 




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12 thoughts on “Madame Butterfly

  1. The COuntry Hittys and their person listened to it today on NPR (radio). Lovely music. And from the commentary I am sure the presentation with those puppets and the costumes was wonderful. We love Constance sitting with her book backed by the wonderful oriental themed wall hanging and those paper cranes. Very appropriate.

    • We would love to have seen it in person, or live in HD…it sounds like it was a wonderful production. The story and music are so sad, the Quimper Hittys favourite photographer had to get out the mop after it was all over.

  2. Hope this is right – The third and final act involves Gallimard committing suicide while Song Liling watches uncaringly. Sad ending, but Constance is a brave girl. She can handle it.

    • Gosh, we’ve never seen the movie M. Butterfly – it sounds intriguing, and with another layer of convolution to the story…It seems to be somewhat based on, or inspired by the opera we listened to today (which also has a tragic ending).

  3. I’m sure it was a two hanky ending, but with Madame Butterfly I am always also so angry with Pinkerton. One for hankies alone in our house is La Boheme … I hadn’t come across the Loti book before, I shall have a look in the music library to see whether we have anything on it. Thanks Quimper Hittys 🙂

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