Prince Igor

Russian War Orphans

Russian War Orphans

Constance was looking forward to Князь Игорь by Alexander Borodin, performed Live in High Definition at the Metropolitan Opera. It tells the story of the Russian Prince Igor and his unsuccessful attempt to repel foreign invaders in 1185. The lyrical music, and the sadness and hopelessness of the survivors after the war made Constance want to rush home and comfort the Russian War Orphans in the doll cupboard…to quote Pete Seeger, “when will they ever learn?”




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6 thoughts on “Prince Igor

  1. oh the wee orphans. they look so sad…happy that Constance is there to comfort them. One of their older sisters..or perhaps an aunt lives in our cupboard. I like the boys woven shoes..

    • We love these little dolls, purchased by my grandmother in the 1940’s I think. The little boy has a type-written label stitched to the front of his tunic that says ‘made in Soviet Union” . They both have those little shoes – they are crochet, but I wonder if they are supposed to look like woven bark, like the Finnish birch bark shoes?

  2. Constance always takes care of her family, so it is not surprising that she would comfort the orphans. By now those orphans must be happy and will not want Constance to leave them !!

  3. That’s very telling picture, good way to describe all that and yes, “when will they ever learn?”…
    Very kind of Constance to take care of those poor orphans, they do look sad… and very Russian 🙂

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