Tansy’s rainbow



Tansy accompanied her human and the Hitty’s favourite photographer on an evening walk – the human is feeding  “Dogzilla” a neighbour’s cat, and the photographer wanted to play with a new piece of equipment…Tansy was an obliging subject.



The Nasturtiums were glowing!

Tansy was reluctant to take off her Ukrainian Easter beads, but very pleased to  model a brand new dress…a Hitty friend created the bodice (out of string!) and sent a hanky to attach as a skirt – the Human was pleased as her previous attempts to crochet have resulted in large snarls and knots….



St John's Wort

St John’s Wort

Such a variety in colours and petals, and morphology – Tansy is constantly amazed at the beauty of diversity.



Click any picture to enlarge it, and then right and left arrows to look at the next, or previous picture!




6 thoughts on “Tansy’s rainbow

  1. Tansy we share your love of flowers and your awe at the diversity of blooms! Lovely photos! your photographer did a grand job of showing us these blossoms. Also Tansy is as pretty as a flower herself in her new frock.

    • Thank you! Tansy is delighted with the cool and pretty dress, and was so happy to pose by all the amazing flowers…we are blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world and to have such good friends!

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