Warming Up

Constance warms up

Constance warms up

 A cold snap brought sub-zero temperatures lately, and the humans finally lighted the woodstove.  Constance was grateful.

Two warm friends

Two warm friends

Min joined her in the prime warm spot…

Feline Gratitude

Feline Gratitude

…but they were soon evicted.



10 thoughts on “Warming Up

  1. Dear Creative Lady, fascinated me your photographs… But I know this is not only a photograph, there is an amazing creative works, world behind it. I tried to learn the meaning of “Quimper Hittys” …. as I searched, Quimper is a town in Finistère, Brittany and it is a wonderful place to visit. I didn’t know before. But still I wonder what means “Hittys” is that coming from Hittite? Thank you so much for sharing with us, this lovely, smiling touches 🙂 feeds my soul. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

  2. Hello, Quimper Hitty! Came to You via Nia. She calls You Creative, and I fully agree with her. A few Dolls, a Cat, Fire, Three photographs, and You make a Story out of it. It is Great. Congratulations. Hearty Regards.

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