Too Much Cake

Cake Cookies Tart

Cake Cookies Tart

Everyone is well fed in the Quimper Hitty household, but Perdita, Gracia and Eugenia are feeling like the QH diet might need a little variety.  

The Culprit

The Culprit

Gracia thinks that Cake, cookies, and tarts are very nice in small doses….




…but once in a while an Argentine girl needs to sink her teeth into something more substantial…Gracia is going to find some meat!


14 thoughts on “Too Much Cake

  1. Carb overload eh? I am really curious to see what Gracia brings home. She looks very determined. The pic of the girls swooning in a sugar daze is pretty cute!!

  2. Thank goodness that there is a glorious bed to recupe in in case of oversatiation. Looks like the adventure will continue.

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