Dust Bunny Victory




You might think peaceful Mary Ann and adventurous Gráinne are an unlikely pair of friends, but they happily celebrated their victory over the dust bunnies together.

Is it thirsty?

Is it thirsty?

Mary Ann did succumb to the wheedling of the block twins and they were allowed to keep the littlest one for a pet…



…but it escaped!!


12 thoughts on “Dust Bunny Victory

  1. this was just such a fun blog entry!! As for Mary Ann and Grainne…opposites attract! Laughed about the Dust Bunny escapee I myself have several of these things roaming free here in the house. Thank you for such a fun

  2. So THAT’S how they happen! It’s like spontaneous generation. (I always thought there was a lot of merit in the idea of spontaneous generation.)

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