Very Small

Very Small Girl

Very Small Girl

If you are a very small girl it can be hard to get at the table…

Very Small Dictionary

Very Small Dictionary

…but Carrot Soup is ever resourceful, and finds a good-sized book…

Very Small Carrots

Very Small Carrots

…so they can eat their favourite vegetables together




12 thoughts on “Very Small

  1. Carrot Soup is perky and ingenious!!! Cute Gilly has a great friend in her…bet they they’ll share many adventures!

  2. So my mind begins to wonder – which came first, in the mind of the minder of these two – encountering the minute live carrots? coming across the dictionary? tackling the unaccostomed shortness of the newest member of the household? I LOVE Carrot Soup’s unpiratical dress fabric, and the exact shade of ricrac chosen to set it off, with matching buttons to finish it off – a perfect shade of pink for a pirate, methinks. You make my day, every day!

    • The Carrots came first, then I had to make clothes for Carrot Soup and Gilly because the Angel outfit wasn’t going to suit the story…I got the fabric at a shop on Mayne Island, and had the rick rack in my box of haberdashery! It was fun making it all work itself into a story!

  3. A very healthy snack! I see Carrot Soup has returned to earth after her exalted service at the top of the tree. Perhaps she longed for roots while that far from the ground.

  4. oh how wonderful….such sweet photos.. Just love them. The wee one on her raised tome!! and those tiny carrots.
    Every photo entry a delight!

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