Sun Up


The sun is up…



…and Zipporah is getting ready for a new day.







10 thoughts on “Stays

  1. So many beautiful details to savour in these photos…. including the embroidery on her stays, the lace on her pantaloons, her lovely blue shoes, the painted screen, the dear little wash stand- it all adds up to incredibly engaging and evocative storytelling!

  2. the stack of monogrammed towels is an especially dear touch. one can almost hear the birds singing as she begins her ablutions. Lovely….a very nice way to begin the day..thank you.

    • Thank you very much, and in fact the birdies were particularly noisy this morning, I’m not surprised you could almost hear them! The stack of towels was a gift from my friend the dollhouse lady – we love them!

  3. Ditto to all the above. Zipporah is beautiful. Love the details on her sweet face and Oh My…that bun. Is she a ballerina?

  4. You have brought a great serenity to me today with this little peek into the QH household today. Your dolls live a very charmed life…I so appreciate everything about this glimpse.

    • Thank you, very much indeed The dolls in the Hitty Cupboard seem to have their own lives, truly I feel like sometimes I just catch them in the act of going about their own business!

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