Floral Adjustments



Flora is a little anxious, but hopeful…

Floppy knots

Floppy knots

Her thirty-year-old elastic makes her joints floppy, and unreliable.



Wee Flora’s maker Judy Brown suggested I use beading elastic to replace the material she was strung with in 1986! (Click here for Judy Brown’s website)

Sitting Prettily

Sitting Prettily

Flora is happy she no longer does face plants when I sit her up…



…but she is disappointed that she still can’t walk!

Flora sends sympathetic greetings and encouragement to one of our Quimper Hitty followers who is recovering from knee replacement surgery!

14 thoughts on “Floral Adjustments

  1. Oh! La! La! Better life it is for Miss Flora!!!!! Now, she can face adventures…bring them on!!!! She is truly a cute little red head!!!

  2. Well done! Flora is going to have a wonderful life with the Quimpers!
    (Hitty Jean is in desperate need of a restringing…I am too much of a chicken, so she continues to flop…Maybe this post will egg me on…)

    Happy New Year!

  3. I love reading about the Quimper Hittys and enjoy the creative photography. Never miss a day!
    Flora is very sweet! Am happy she has found a wonderful home with your Hitty family. I wondered if you would please share what her hair is made of? And how it is attached?
    Thanks. Ann Robertson

  4. At first I thought Flora was hiding because she had no clothes. But then babies are usually not so concerned about things like that–unless they are cold! Now having joints that don’t colapse– that is a concern. It’s better to sit and crawl when your joints stay together.. And you did a great job of completing the job. I love the tiny buttons to secure the cording.

    • Thanks! Judy brown suggested the stretchy beading elastic, I got the wee buttons from a friend – they were perfect for the job, the drilled holes were too big to just tie knots in the elastic, though they worked for the previous “hair elastic” type that was used. Anyway, Flora is happy and mobile, that’s the main thing!

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