Purple Friday Fluffballs

Purple Fluffballs

Purple Fluffballs

Buttercup likes the Fluffy purple seed heads on this plant.

Lilies and purple fluff

Lilies and purple fluff

We’ve never seen anything like it before, but we like the exotic combination of intense small (dyed?) purple fluffballs, with pink lilies and  yellow Gerbera daisies!

 A Friday bouquet at our house.

Buttercup was carved by Tisha Vollum several years ago, and languished in her carving tool kit, until she demanded elastic, legs, and name. Tisha generously offered her to me for adoption and the Quimper Hittys were delighted to bring her home in September 2016.


12 thoughts on “Purple Friday Fluffballs

  1. Very lovely Friday bouquet.

    I’ve been intrigued by the layout of your photos-backgrounds-and note much color and variety of designs on your tablecloths or cloths. I recognize today’s! I have some Guatemalan cloths too.

    Also, would you direct me to the introduction to Buttercup or give us a bit more info about her? Perhaps I missed something earlier this year.

    Happy New Year dear K and QHs.

    • Yes! The white tablecloth is from Guatemala. I have several from Provence in France also, and an Indonesian one.
      Buttercup was a gift from her maker, Tisha Vollum. She claimed to be shy at first, and her body-shape meant she couldn’t easily fit into most of Min’s clothing, though they are much of a muchness in height. She has taken over this little crochet dress that was originally made as a small potholder or decoration – though she still yearns for a buttercup yellow dress, I haven’t found time to create one for her!

  2. Those purple flower puff balls look like they grew for Buttercup. They are the perfect purple match to her dress. I’ve never seen these flowers before. Such a pretty flower arrangement.

    • Our favourite photographer was standing by with his giant reflector! It helped a lot to have Buttercup’s face lit, while at the same time the flowers were backlit from the natural light outside! Sure is nice to have an expert in the family when trying to get a good photo in tricky lighting conditions!

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