Passing Cloud – Fine Dining

Chef Erin and Tephra

Tephra spent quite a bit of time with Chef Erin in the galley… Erin’s artistry with food is truly amazing and Tephra hoped to learn some of her galley magic…


…How amazing is this breakfast!!?



 I don’t think it is just a trick of the light…



Every bite of every meal was scrumptious!!!


Freshly gathered salicornia and algae

The ingredients super fresh – some even collected the same day!




The Passing Cloud is committed to sustainability, and supporting the local economy wherever possible. Fish comes from the Haida owned and operated company Haida Wild;  vegetables in season come from the farmer’s market; and most other ingredients from the local store.



Save the dessert!

Look at the tiny galley! Every single day Chef Erin worked hard to give people a delicious, healthy, local and sustainable meal, even when the surfaces were unsteady and the food sliding about.




We were glad she saved the dessert!



Please  click here  to see the website of Outer Shores Expeditions,


If you want to see where Passing cloud is right now, click here!








7 thoughts on “Passing Cloud – Fine Dining

  1. What a wonderful skill to have and share. No doubt the Quimper H human got some tips too? Thanks for the photos of the enjoyable banquets that you savored and enjoyed.

      • Well I watched, and tried to learn, but the ease she projects, and the fantastic meals she produces are the result of years of training and experience, and planning…still, I may improve a little if I can go back and do some more observing (and sailing, and wildlife-viewing…)

  2. They say you eat first with your eyes. I must have just gained weight from seeing these colorful and scrumptious meals. What a fantastic trip from start to finish.

    • Every meal was amazing! I wanted to make every bite last as long as possible, but in the end had to swallow and take another bite…and then dessert came along… what an experience!

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