Tephra and Constance visited a lovely big lagoon quite near to the Hitty cupboard. We had a picnic breakfast and then collected a big basket of Salicornia (sometimes called Beach Asparagus).


It was almost too late in the season to gather it – when the tips start to go pink, the plant is about to flower and the stems get a hard woody core! You have to check every stem, and if the knife snicks against a woody core, you have to discard it.





It didn’t take long to gather a big bunch, and bring it home, but about three hours to rinse and sort it.



Pickling spice

Upon the advice of Chef Erin, and somewhat following a recipe, we mixed up a solution of equal parts of sugar, water and vinegar and put it to boil, along with some pickling spices.




Constance and Tephra helped pack the blanched Salicornia into jars…after which we sealed them, submerged the jars in a pot, brought the water to a boil, and boiled them for 25 minutes




Eight small jars and one medium…a good day’s work, but the proof will be in the pudding so to speak. Now we wait ten days (at least) to taste it!








6 thoughts on “Pickles

  1. A good day’s work indeed! Let us know when you’ve sampled…sure sounds yummy!!!! Come to think of it girls…Mamie got a larger table in her kitchen as she was hoping to host cooking classes…perhaps you, young woodens, could come and be her first guest chefs?

  2. looks very tasty , never heard of beach asparagus…only the regular kind. We started an asparagus patch several years ago , now we can pick it every spring. I wonder how it would taste pickled???

    • Lucky you to have your own asparagus bed! I love pickled asparagus (the regular kind) – I think it is delicious! It is my second favourite after pickled okra, and just ahead of pickled beans! M-m-m-m

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