A little visit


The Hitty cupboard had a fleeting visit from the youngest member of the human family – luckily Lala and Elvira were awake in time to join her for breakfast, as most of the other humans and dolls were still snoring.  The small human ate jam and honey on one piece of toast with no crusts, and another piece of toast with peanut butter and no crusts!


The doll’s breakfast consisted of strange but delicious purple grapes with tea.




Then we all went out to the garden…




…where a fairy, Hattie, and two magical cats checked out the lavender…




…then the fairy flew over to visit the beautifullest Pinks…




…and then down to the shady grass where she introduced us to another magical cat and a giant fat mouse!

We were so happy to visit with the little human – and delighted to be introduced to Fatmus – knitted by her parent and assembled right here in the Hitty cupboard.  The pattern for Fatmus is free on Ravelry, Click here for a link!







10 thoughts on “A little visit

  1. The littlest human always brings many smiles when I see her. She is really adorable. I can see why all the Hittys vie to be with her including flowers and fairies.

    • Little human went home with the fairy and the grey magical cat! We were happy for her to have them visit her house for a while, in exchange for Linnea, who is having an extended visit to St Denis and her sisters

  2. Fatmus is rather enchanting…(and I am usually not a fan of mice…living or otherwise) …always a joy to see the smallest human .

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