Cedar Bark and Abalone


In a second hand store, the Hittys Favourite Photographer found a disintegrating plastic doll, wearing a spectacular set of ceremonial regalia. The poor old doll was put to rest, and Tephra inherited the clothing.





This is Kwakwaka‘wakw regalia made by Vivien Cranmer of Alert Bay BC, and consists of a black under-dress, a beaded dance apron with bells, a Button Robe, and a cedar bark and abalone shell headband.



Tree of Life

The button robe is made of red and black felt and black bias tape, with tiny buttons round the borders, and beads outlining the Tree of Life design.




Tephra is honoured to inherit this Ceremonial Dance Regalia, and would like to offer thanks to Mrs Cranmer for making it!








20 thoughts on “Regalia

  1. Tephra looks spectacular, regal in fact. She wears this robe with such dignity and nobility. I know this sounds over the top…but seriously, look at the expression on her face, I’m not overstating this!!!!

  2. The faved p has surely brought home a marvelous ensemble that fits Tephra beautifully. She does seem a perfect fit for the regality that she’s clothed in. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work by a gifted artist (gifted artists…you included).

    • I am pretty sure that Tephra would object to being locked up in the Museum! Since the plastic doll has been separated from the regalia it is no longer intact as an artist-made thing anyway. We will keep the tag with the regalia though, and add to it for the future recipients whom ever they might be.

    • He is the most helpful and obliging Hitty-enabler…and we love him for it! Tephra is glad of your kind comments, and is pleased and proud that the regalia was her size! I was happy too, we think she looks good in it too!

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