Hissy Fits


Aurelia’ new kitty is feeling affronted…


…Mary Ann has a new kitty too…



Peace of sorts

…but they may get along alright if they stay on their respective laps!



The Siamese is also a Tiny Parlor Cat – a free pattern by Sara Elizabeth Kellner, downloadable from Ravelry.

Click here for a link to the pattern, which was adjusted as per our Hitty friend Crazy Quilter’s suggestions of using fingering weight yarn and size 2 mm (US0) needles.

I added a wee muzzle to this kitty so that there could be grey on her face, and to give it more depth. I did this by picking up three stitches in the right place, then three more right above, and knitting one round. Then I threaded the end through the live stitches and sewed it down.


12 thoughts on “Hissy Fits

  1. Love the kitties with your beautiful dolls. Splendid photo and splendid work, as always. I look forward to your posts so much, and enjoy the archived files too. Thank you.

  2. Oh the kittens are adorable. Once had a Siamese….I have to admit she was a terror!! I am sure your sweet one will be much nicer, especially since Mary Ann will be caring for her. How could she be anything but sweet!!

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