Clothespeg Baby Doll


Clothes Peg blank

I had a project to make a Hitty-sized doll starting with an old-fashioned clothes peg, so I whittled a face and body and then lopped off the top of the peg.




At the bottoms of the peg there were already angled cuts – I used these sloped bits for the hip joints.




…and used the leftover bits to make arms.



Baby Doll

Constance is bemused, and thinks the wee dolly might need a proper face and some clothes before being given to one of her younger sisters.



Love at first sight

Gilly thinks clothes on a baby doll are superfluous!




19 thoughts on “Clothespeg Baby Doll

    • It is so nice to hear from you! It was a challenge to carve her, but helpful to have some models to look at to compare position and proportion. It was fun to try, and I am happy with the result!

  1. I am just sitting here admiring that baby!! The Country Hittys all want to come live with you!!! You are so clever and sooo talented!!! Thank you for sharing the baby’s creation.

    • I don’t think she has a name, yet. We do have a Peggotty in the tiny doll family, so I think Peggy might be confusing…I’ll have to listen and see what Gilly says, for now she is just Dolly.

  2. This little girl is delightful. The photo of her finished face in the cradle is just precious. Your carving abilities are as special as your textile creations. Just amazing.

    • We never know what is going to come out of the wood – some times the idea does not manifest (doll-ifest?) itself into reality, but I think practice and a light hand worked this time!

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