Cat doll

A 25 cent cat-like doll, almost Hitty-sized and with ceramic extremities, was rescued from a charity shop.  It had a hideous Christmas dress attached with hot-melt glue.  Under the dress, the proportions  were not pleasing, and the deteriorating polyurethane foam wrapped padding had to go!


But under the foam was a usable wire armature, which was re-bent into a Hitty-sized skeleton.




A little needlefelting made a better and longer-lasting padding for the doll…




…and with the head re-glued to the body, the kitty was good to go…apparently her name is Tabitha.



Pest Control

Constance loaned Tabitha one of her favourite dresses, because it matched her fur-tones so well. Gracia hired her on the spot to work part-time in the Carnicería.








14 thoughts on “Tabitha

  1. So amusing that Gracia hired Tabitha right on the spot. No more little mouse in the Carnicera!!!
    WOW! The needlefelt body is amazing. I’ve tried to do that…what a disaster.

    • I am amused too – I think Gracia was remembering that little cheese thief, and hoping to prevent a recurrence! The needle felting was successful this time, it doesn’t always work for me either!

  2. Tabitha is just delightful…what a very clever and creative “save” job!! she has been reborn. And I laughed over Gracia hiring her on the spot!! Very wise of Gracia. This was a really fun entry!

  3. Welcome Tabitha! I am so glad that the Hitty human rescued you. (Dear Hitty human, I do see the little mousie hiding under the counter. LOL)

  4. I think Tabitha will get along fine as long as she is well-fed prior to starting her work at the Carniceria – so many lovely things to eat there she just might be too tempted! I notice the little mouse has likely been fed as well to keep from nibbling away at the other lovely foods!

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