Stollen Day


Jane is pleased with herself – she has made a giant Stollen to help the Quimper Hittys celebrate Stollen day, which happens in Dresden every year on the Saturday before the second Sunday in Advent.  The celebration is in remembrance of both the Butter Proclamation of 1491 in which the pope decreed that the bakers of the city could use butter instead of oil in their cake-making; and also the making of the first giant stollen in 1730 which used 3,600 eggs, 326 churns of milk and 20 hundredweight of flour.


Cake Slice

Jane’s giant Stollen is not quite as as large as the 1730 one, but she still found her cake slice unequal to the task of cutting it…




..but fortunately she is always able to enlist help when sharp cutting implements are needed!

Click here for a link to the Dresden Stollen Festival and have a look at the giant stollen…






8 thoughts on “Stollen Day

  1. the giant stollen baked in the 2000’s used over 2 million raisins!!! sheesh…that is a lot of raisins. I have never eaten stollen but now am rather curious to try it. When I read that Jane was having trouble cutting the stollen I just KNEW that that pair with their swords would rush to the rescue!! Great story!! loved it.

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