Giulio Cesare

Constance at the Star Cinema

Constance at the Star Cinema

Constance is feeling nostalgic today, after going to the final Metropolitan Opera Live in HD broadcast of the season – the very ebullient production of  Giulio Cesare. Other than live performances, our favourite place to see Opera is the Star Cinema in Sidney BC. This is a charming and delightful little movie house where they send out for pizza to sustain us during the intermission. Giulio Cesare was an entertaining mixture of crazy Bollywood/Broadway-style dance routines set to the baroque music of Handel. Natalie Dessay was a connivingly sweet Cleopatra, Ptolomy wicked and silly, Ceasar strode about pompously, Pompey made an appearance only as a severed head, ….

Metropolitan Cake

Metropolitan Cake

The opera plot was the usual glorious mayhem but the good guys won and the bad guys died horribly so it probably qualifies as “not a tragedy”.  In honour of the Metropolitan Opera, and as a grand finale to this Opera season, Constance indulged herself with a “Metropolitan Cake” from the local grocery store. She is looking forward to next season, and ten more Operas at the Star… meanwhile she has a very exciting Opera experience planned for this summer!



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10 thoughts on “Giulio Cesare

  1. I do think that if one has been following Constance for awhile (those of us reading about her) that we should all become opera lovers due to her charming times and descriptions of them. Thank you Constance for widening my perspectives of the music world.

  2. BEfore Constance the Country Hittys of Missouri knew only Grand Ole Opery but now after following the Opera accounts given by dear COnstance they feel quite cultured. However it is Hetty Hickory who has totally embraced the opera experience. She adores the grisly death scenes complete with severed heads and sword pierced torsos!! She has become a total opera buff. A sort of CSI opera fan!! We are not sure if this is really a good thing. But thank you Constance for a lovely opera experience.

    • Hetty would have enjoyed Cornelia’s very gruesome behaviour after the death of Ptolomey – ugh! Even Constance was shocked. The rest of the Hittys can just about tolerate listening to Opera on the radio, but have no interest in attending. They are always interested in helping her eat up the amazing cakes and treats she seems to have after a show. I am grateful for the company at the movie theatre or the Opera House, but I do envy Constance her Musical Dress.

  3. Oh my, Constance!
    Opera and cake – what a wonderful evening you must have had! Not-Quite-Hitty Mary would have loved to attend with you. Her Big-Person-Brother sang with the English National Opera as a juvenile, but that was before she lived here and she dreams of having a little more cultural entertainment than is possible here. We may surprise her with a CD player soon, so she can listen to her favourite music.

    • Constance found it a very satisfying evening, and a good escape from the humdrum Hitty Cupboard (which is not the den of iniquity that anxious Mary Ann is wont to think). Constance is trying to educate all the Hittys into a greater love of Opera, but Rose prefers parlour songs, Hatty likes the celtic harp, the Gustavo Girls prefer guitar and charango, and Mary Ann is an afficionado of silence.

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